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Andy Martin - Martintype
Andy Martin

Andy Martin

Episode 3

Tintypes, Wet Plate Collodion and Night time Film Photography

In this episode I’m talking with Photographer Andy Martin about documenting his home city with film photography at night, and how he discovered the wonderful world of wet plate collodion and tintypes.

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About Andy

Andy Martin is a Sunderland based photographer specialising in traditional hand made processes with a career stretching back nearly 20 years. In addition to his night time film photography of the post-industrial North, Andy is one of a small handful of people in the world skilled in the wet collodion process which dates back to 1851. Utilising this technique, he has made thousands of tintypes and ambrotypes of people from across the North and further afield, all from his dedicated studio and darkroom in Sunderland.

Andy Martin Tintype

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