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Angela Chalmers
Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers

Episode 4

Cyanotypes, Finding Your Muse and becoming an Author

In this episode I’m talking with Photographic Artist Angela Chalmers about Cyanotypes, Finding her Muse in Mary Craven and how she came to write her first book Creative Cyanotype.

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About Angela

Angela Chalmers is a fine artist and writer living on the North East coast of England. Her cyanotypes were published in Cyanotype Toning : Using Botanicals to Tone Blueprints Naturally (2021) as part of the Routledge series on Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography. She has contributed articles for Amateur Photographer and On Landscape. Her work has been exhibited internationally and included in private collections worldwide. She is the artist-in-residence at St Martin-on-the-Hill, Scarborough.

Angela is passionate about sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to be creative. Her book, Creative Cyanotype: Techniques and Inspiration, reveals lots of her secrets, which she also teaches in her workshops.

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