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Roberto Aguilar

Roberto Aguilar – Platinum Palladium

Roberto Aguilar Episode 5 A Lifetime in Photography, A Love Affair with Alternative Printing Processes and Platinum[…]

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers – Cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers Episode 4 Cyanotypes, Finding Your Muse and becoming an Author In this episode I’m talking[…]

Andy Martin - Martintype

Andy Martin – Tintypes

Andy Martin Episode 3 Tintypes, Wet Plate Collodion and Night time Film Photography In this episode I’m[…]

Jo Howell

Jo Howell – The Language of Photography

Jo Howell Episode 2 The Language of Photography, Working with the Community and Attracting Unwanted Attention This[…]

Mara Robinson

Mara Robinson – Welcome to the Podcast

Mara Robinson Episode 1 Welcome to the Podcast and Lifelong Obsessions Who is this podcast for and[…]