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"Is That Really Photography?"


The Alternative Photography Podcast

The Is That Really Photography Podcast is for all forms of Alternative Photography form the earliest photographic processes through to the latest non-mainstream digital.

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Roberto Aguilar

This week I’m talking to Photographer and Master Printer Roberto Aguilar of RJ Printlabs.  We’re chatting about his long career in photography and his love affair with Alternative Photography Printing Processes, especially the Platinum Palladium Print.

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Mara Robinson Host of the Is That Really Photography? Podcast

Meet Your Host of the Is That Really Photography Podcast - Mara Robinson

Why on earth am I hosting a podcast? Good question and the answer isn’t a short one – although I’ll try and be brief.  My whole life I’ve been obsessed with photography in all its wonderful forms.  I’ve scoured junk shops for old photographic equipment to ‘rescue’, almost knocked myself out investigating old jars of light-sensitive chemicals from the 1940s and met some of the most wonderful and fascinating people.  This is all far too much fun to keep it to myself.  So I want to share it all with you.  There’s always something new to learn about and new friends to be made.

What exactly is

Alternative Photography

Well, simply put anything and everything that doesn’t fall into the mainstream.  If it involves capturing images in some form by using light, we think of it as either photography or a photographic process.  If that process isn’t mainstream, then it’s an alternative.  This includes the early printing processes and any of their modern cousins that involve chemical reactions for example in the darkroom.  Analogue photography such as film and plate photography.  We’re also interested in ways of using digital cameras that fall outside of the mainstream such as Intentional Camera Movement (or ICM) photography.  As for defining light, we’re including visible light, infrared and ultraviolet.


That’s also not an exhaustive list as there is always something new to discover. That’s what the Is That Really Photography Podcast is about.